There are short and long term investment opportunities available in land. Farm land conversion and residential subdivisions are just some examples.


Investment in a house is a popular, pragmatic choice. It saves your capital and provides secure and stable return. Christchurch and Rolleston are logistics, financial and service centers for entire South Island.


South Island economy is driven by various industries: services, agriculture, manufacturing, education, export and tourism. Christchurch and Rolleston serve as a main entry in to the South Island. Wide range of investments are available in to warehouses, offices, or retail properties. Investments can be done individually or as part of a property syndicate.

Advantages of Christchurch

  • service entire South Island
  • range of options for investment and business
  • strong global export oriented industries
  • large pool of skilled staff
  • growing population and incomes
  • numerous industries located in the area
  • excellent lifestyle and environment
  • more value for money compare to bigger cities
  • low crime and tolerant society

Advantages of Christchurch